Founded by a former practicing attorney, all of our reviewers are recruiters with no less than 10 years of experience working exclusively in the legal recruiting area. Our team has reviewed thousands of legal resumes. What we learned is that many resumes are ineffective and are deficient in clarity and content. It seems that attorneys are often confused as to how to properly market their skills and experience. We hear time and time again from legal employers that the resumes they receive do not adequately represent the abilities, qualifications and successes of the attorney. That’s where we step in!


Before you send out your resume – whether you drafted it yourself or hired a professional – let an expert in legal resumes review and critique your resume to ensure that you are presenting your experience, skills and accomplishments in the best light possible.

Our review will consist of a personalized critique of your resume by experienced legal staffing professionals. You will receive a detailed memo outlining specific areas for improvement on your resume along with a marked-up copy of your resume within 5 business days.


How does the review process work?

Submit your resume via this website along with a statement about the type of position you are looking for (e.g., large firm, in-house, government, etc.). You can add a narrative about the position you are trying to find, too. You pay for the review at the time of submission. We will review your resume and send you a marked-up copy of your resume along with a detailed memo about our suggested changes.

How long will it take to get feedback on my resume?

You will receive your memo and a redlined version of your resume within five business days. You can expedite the process for a small fee.

Will you draft my resume?

No. We assume that you are starting with a well-thought-out resume. There are plenty of resources available to help you start a resume. Once you have a draft, we are happy to review it.

What do you look for in my resume?

We review resumes for clarity, relevance, completeness, conciseness, content, description of skills and accomplishments, format, length and overall appearance.

What type of follow-up do you offer?

Your review includes the one-time review of your resume. We don’t offer follow-up consultations, but we are happy to clarify any of our suggestions if they are not clear.

Can you serve as my legal recruiter?

No. At, we are not offering placement services or guaranteeing that you will find a job. We’re here to help with your resume and we know that a polished resume could put you in a much better position to land that elusive job in a demanding legal market.

Why hire someone to review my resume when I can have my spouse/friend/mom review my resume?

We expect that you will have your personal network review the resume before you submit it to We offer a neutral, objective review; that’s something that is very difficult to get from a friend (or your mom).

Is the review process confidential?

Absolutely. We do not keep a copy of your resume or sell your information to anyone. Use of is completely confidential.

Is the review tax deductible?

If this review is part of a job search, then your review likely qualifies as a tax deduction. Talk to your tax professional to see if this deduction applies in your case.